Bleach volume 64 delayed in Japan due to print shortage

A bit of news. Volume 64, Death in Vision, originally slated for release Aug. 4 in Japan, is delayed to Sept. 4 due to print shortage. Bad news we have to wait, but good news is that Bleach is selling enough that they didn’t print enough copies for release.

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It’s my birthday, deal with it. Happy birthday Ichigo!


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Let’s talk about “Race”

This is a repost of a post I did in this ANN article discussion

I am really not trying to sound pretentious, but the whole “Disney is a bunch of racist ingrates” has to stop. I am not defending Disney or its past mistakes with racial insensitivity in any way, but Disney has had more diversity in their films than people give them credit for. Should they have more diversity? Yes, of course, but saying they have had none, especially in the last 20 years is an outright lie. I know a small minority is pissed off that Disney changed some of the characters ethnicities in their adaptation of Big Hero 6, which in all honesty the majority of people probably never heard of before Disney announced the project. For those who don’t know the original Big Hero 6 is based in Japan with characters of mainly Japanese ethnicity.

”Disney missed the boat with having an all-asian character cast.”

Umm, no they didn’t, there was a film released 16 years ago, does Mulan ring a bell? This really is the first Disney movie with a fully diverse cast of characters and voice cast of varying ethnicity. I personally know for a fact that the concept of “race” is garbage written by insane people like Robert Knox, and frankly does it matter what the character’s ethnic background is?

Plus, Disney has hired voice actors of varying ethnicities for decades. Ironically, when the infamous “PC Police” criticized Disney for lack of people of color in Frozen…which takes place in 19th century in a country inspired by Scandinavian countries (especially Norway) (and had varying ethnicities during the coronation)…when in fact the character of Kristoff, is a member of the Sami people, who are native nomad people from the lands of Scandinavia, and as a kid he was voiced by Tyree Brown (Jabbar Trussell-Braverman from NBC’s Parenthood).image

Disney is clearly a bunch of racists. Just look at that lack of diverse 

This is taken out of context, but I still believe it can be applied here:

”…they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

It doesn’t matter as long as they have a good storyline and personality, and honestly I think the minority of these “freedom fighters” are in fact upper-middle class caucasians, who have never actually spent time with people outside their own culture, because I have personally asked people about this, and as long as it isn’t a true racial slight (Looking at you Washington) then Hakuna Matata. I don’t think people want characters who are a different ethnicity just for the sake of “changing up the color pallet a little.” In my opinion, that is no different from black face, which many of the “servants of racial justice” did with Frozen. 


Yeah really "socially progressive."

That is completely racist, and that doesn’t solve the issue of minorities not being represented in Hollywood. What Disney has done now is given us our first bi-racial lead, and changed a few character’s ethnicities to fit into the story’s new setting. No one complained when Nick Fury, a character who for decades was Caucasian, was portrayed by Sam Jackson, and to have more continuity, Fury’s “race” was changed in the comics as well. But when Disney does it, it’s the revival of the Third Reich. Is there a bias of having Asian characters in Hollywood, you bet’cha, and we should keep fighting the good fight, but this isn’t complete whitewashing like The Last Airbender so let’s not even go there.

Sorry for this long rant. Oh and as for why no Marvel Logo, it comes now to a few reasons.

1) It is not actually made by Marvel Studios, yes Disney owns Marvel, but other than being a “money funnel,” Disney doesn’t actually run Marvel. Big Hero 6 is being made by Disney Animation Studios, so its better to associate their product from two of their own studio’s biggest hits.

2) The Disney Logo doesn’t appear on the Marvel films they distribute, so why should Marvel appear on their products. Marvel and Disney are two separate brands, that happen to be owned by the same corporation. At this point since Disney owns Marvel, they don’t have to pay for the rights, so think of Big Hero 6 as public domain within their company, which most of Disney’s movies originate from Public Domain sources.

3) Disney and Marvel have no intention of adding these characters to the Cinematic Universe, so why have the association to confuse people.

Anyway I hope they bring the manga over here!

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FROZEN POP! Vinyls from Funko

Not following already? Just imagine what you’ve been missing!

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I saw this post and was inspired.
It’s a “Hiro Sandwich”


I saw this post and was inspired.

It’s a “Hiro Sandwich”

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The force is strong with this one… [x]


The force is strong with this one… [x]

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What happens when you combine a hit disney movie and audio of Idina Menzel in 1996? MAGIC!

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